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Here at Imperial Installs LLC, we specialize in custom Pergolas & Pavilions. We like to go the extra mile for our customers to provide satisfaction. Let us install your pergola or pavilion with excellent skill and competitive prices. Contact us today!

What is a Pergola/ Pavilion?

A pergola is often the ideal solution to compliment or complete an outdoor space. With the right vision and planning, a pergola can create a new living space that combines the best of indoors and outdoors. Pergolas are an excellent way to add shade and privacy, or create a transitional area, while preserving a sense of openness to the sky above. If you need a way to keep out the rain and snow and create more of a shelter, consider a pavilion, which is simply a pergola with a closed roof.

Quick Facts

• Western Red Cedar is one of the most decay-resistant natural wood that will last many years with minimum maintenance 

• 95% of builds are premium Cedar, other materials are also available 

• Standard hardware and stain included with all builds 

• Custom made to each site, structure will never sag, warp, or twist unlike premade builds 

•  Each piece is 100% hand crafted

• Tailor with shading options, privacy lattice, custom stains and more

 Choose from available standard size options or customize to your area